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postheadericon Another Conquest for Swifty & Cattle Sorting

Mr. MoonCat’s horse Swifty has yet another admirer……

Does this photo make
my nose look BIG?


He really is a looooooooong horse


A couple of weeks ago the hubby’s folks stayed a few days with us and we dragged them along to a cattle sorting with us and my Dad.  Mr. MoonCat talked his own Dad into getting up on Swifty for a few photos.

They got along really well and make quite the pair, don’t they?  ~Mr. MoonCat took these photos so Swifty can’t blame me for the big nose shot… 🙂


So now I’m thinking we need to get the hubby’s Mom up on Swifty too!  We’ll have to work on that when they come up to see us again at the end of the month…


Here are some other photos from the cattle sorting that day:

Everyone waiting for their turn


Mr. MoonCat & Swifty calmly strolling
Moi & Fella not so much


The hat’s on backwards….
he must be seriously concentrating


Dad and Petey sorting the cattle….fast!


Sorry, no action shots of me this time.  But..I did end up placing 5th out of 102 teams!!  Not bad for a rusty old fat woman and a rather hyper horse 🙂  We had a lot of fun that day surrounded by family, friends, and furry creatures.  Great food finished off an almost perfect day.

postheadericon Our Newest Residents

I did manage to get a few photos off my flash card.  These are the two newest members of the family:


This is the pipsqueak, aka Pippi.  I have to admit right up front that I have always been a big dog fan.  Noisy ankle-biters have never been my thing.  Until now I guess.  Little Miss Thing showed up at our place a few days before Mom passed away.  Someone had apparently dumped her off out in the country and she found her way to us.  I didn’t want another dog and tried really hard to not become attached to her while we found a home for her.  Since this is a smart little cookie, she sidled up to Mom and took to sitting in her lap.  Mom declared “This puppy is already home.”  End of story.  Pippi is now the resident princess/tyrant here at MoonCat Farms. She terrorizes the poor cats and occasionally gets walloped by one or two of them.

Small, Medium, and Large

On a sucky and sad note, we lost Mom’s old dog Xena last week.  We figured she was at least 14 years old and hadn’t been well for a while.  Personally I think she’d been holding out for Mom.  We sure miss them both terribly.  (This is the only photo I could find of Xena around here.  She used to hide when she saw the camera ~ I’m thinking she was of that belief that a camera could steal your soul.)

RIP Xena Warrior Princess

As promised, here is another photo of the hubby’s new horse, Swifty.  Both he and the hubby were not pleased with having to stand for a picture.  They had just come back from a trail ride and were anxious for some refreshment.  Swifty craved some crunchy grains and Mr. MoonCat was craving some liquefied grains (beer).  They are quite the pair already.

Swifty & Mr. MoonCat