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postheadericon Spring is Sprung

You know you’ve been a neglectful blogger when the hubby of all people, asks why you haven’t posted anything in several weeks!  I didn’t even realize that he’d been paying any attention to “my little blog” as he calls it ­čÖé  So I have a couple photos for you today..

Our first flowers of the year

Needless to say, I’ve been spending a lot of time outside this week.  After weeks upon weeks of storms, we’re finally seeing some sunshine.  This has been our wettest winter since 1997 ~ we’ve been having extreme flooding and our ground is completely saturated.  Since we usually live in a state of near panic due to drought conditions and the threat of wells going dry, it really is nice to see an overabundance of water.  It would just be nice if it could rain a few days and then be sunny; then rain a day or two and be sunny…..  We had ten days straight with rain at some point so we’re a little soggy.

Super high grass and weeds

´╗┐Poor Mr. MoonCat is asking if I won’t reconsider adding a couple of goats to our menagerie for weed control.  We may have to get the mower deck for the tractor for the front and back yard as the grass and weeds have been growing several inches a day.  The ground is super wet so we can’t get the lawn mower in there yet and the lovely sunshine is just making everything GROW!

Our gorgeous Weeping Willow

´╗┐The photo below is actually a blossom from a weed.  I loved the shading and pattern on the bud.

Weed flower bud

And finally, we already have a rose (or possibly, still have a rose?)´╗┐
Rose in bloom

´╗┐More to come…

postheadericon Spring Sights

It is starting to look like Spring around here.  The wild thing is that both the lavender and the Lion’s Ear (or Tail) both decided to start blooming at the beginning of February – I am just now getting around to showing the photos of the two of them..

I couldn’t believe how early they both got started, or the fact that they actually survived the move last fall.  I wasn’t very optimistic for many of my plants since the move was so rushed and haphazard.

We’re starting to get many more of these pretty little guys coming by the feeders.  My birdseed bill is starting to get pretty high as they keep bringing more of their friends.  The photo below isn’t a great shot, I just liked how I caught him mid-flight with his wings on the downstroke.

This Celtic design birdbath was a Happy Black Friday gift to myself.  I’d been wanting a new birdbath for quite a while and handn’t found one that I really, really liked.  We were wandering around Lowe’s at about 7am on Black Friday (ticked because we’d missed out on the TV at stinking Walmart..) and out in the garden section we ran upon this little beauty.  At $39.00 I should have bought two!

The birds love it.  It is a pain to clean as it’s very heavy and in two pieces, but it’s worth watching the little feathered fiends splash around and have a good old time.

The birds are getting friendlier all the time as they have discovered I am the mysterious being that refills the bird feeders – daily.  They used to all leave the yard when I’d walk out.  Now they sit about two feet from me, chirping to each other and at me to “Hurry up!”

And finally….THIS is what I see when I am outside looking in.  Little furry faces that really, really want to be after those birds.

postheadericon Spring Surprise

When I finally decided to get with it and pull the monster weeds & bermuda grass out of my extremely overgrown lavender bed, this little blast of beauty met me! I planted these two years ago and didn’t see them last year at all, thought the gophers (or Chandler – you’ll meet him in a day or so) had eaten them.

This is one of those fun things that I love about gardening, the little happy surprises that greet you when you aren’t expecting it. We’ve had some strange weather with the heavy rain, then sunshine and warmth, and then more water. It’s really making our little plantings grow like crazy (as well as the out of control weeds.) The hubby has been spending most of the day outside trying to get the grass mowed while I’m trying to get all of the plantings lined out and moved from the makeshift greenhouse/room. I’ve also worked a lot the last few days on several new products that I am hoping to introduce to our line in the next few weeks. Lots of experimenting going on!

My patient & good-natured other half has started making me some great new planters by recycling shipping pallets we get for free from a good friend. I found this project (along with quite a few others) on a great website: I keep printing out new things that catch my fancy & he’s been a good sport about trying most of them! Anyway, I have some new mints that are going directly into one of the new planters – we had a catnip rebellion a few years ago so I’m a little over-cautious about these little invaders and keeping them confined. (One note about these planters – if you decide to try it, be sure you get either untreated or heat-treated pallets, the chemically-treated wood could leach nasty toxins into your plants..)

With my next post, I’m going to start introducing the inhabitants of MoonCat Farms – starting with the afore-mentioned “Chandler” (Bing). He’s a doozy!



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