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postheadericon Total Solar Eclipse – Sunday Selections

Today’s Sunday Selection is not about inspiration, but about safely enjoying a once-in-a-lifetime event here in the US. Tomorrow’s total solar eclipse has a large portion of the population in an uproar of excited anticipation.


If you’re late to the game or unprepared, we have a few tips to keep you and your loved ones safe.

Total Solar Eclipse Safety at Red Barn Blue Skies


Don’t make any last minute plans to travel if possible. The roads and highways, especially leading into the Eclipse’s *path of totality, have been congested if not blocked for days.


If you haven’t already made reservations or are in place to view the eclipse, it will be safer to stay put. Camping sites and hotel rooms have been booked up for months if not over a year. Some people have been planning vacations around the total solar eclipse for several years.

Safety Glasses and Filters

Don’t try to view the total solar eclipse without using proper safety glasses. Be sure the glasses are CE and ISO rated for safety. Also, check them for scratches or any damage. You could permanently damage your eyes to the point of blindness if you don’t follow safety guidelines.


Don’t try to use binoculars, telescopes, or camera lenses. They are not a filter and will magnify the damage being done to your eyes – and you won’t even feel it! Welder’s masks or glasses are also not rated or designed for an eclipse.

There are other options for safely viewing the eclipse:

~   Watch it on TV or on the internet. NASA has a fantastic site to view it:

~   Make a pinhole projector. has a great how-to article. It also explains a few other ways to view the eclipse without actually looking at it.

~   Purchase and install a solar filter made specifically for your camera or binoculars. Never view the eclipse without the proper filter in place on your device.

Chandler Ready for the Total Solar Eclipse at Red Barn Blue Skies

Children and Pets

Pets and children are naturally curious. If they see adults looking up into the sky and pointing, they’re going to look up too. It is best to keep your pets inside during the eclipse.


If your kids must be outside with you during the eclipse, be sure they have properly-fitted glasses with the correct ratings. Make sure they keep them on for the entire duration and don’t let them remove them. This is critical as their eyesight could be forever damaged.

Don’t be surprised to feel the temperature drop before, during, and after the total solar eclipse. You might not see a massive change in the actual light leading up to the actual eclipse, but your skin will start feeling the difference. It could be up to 25 degrees Fahrenheit or more in areas under the path of totality.

*Path of Totality is a 70-mile wide swath that cuts across the country through fourteen states (Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennesee, Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina). Along this path the full and total eclipse that lasts over two minutes will be viewable.  

So have you ever experienced an eclipse? Are you making plans for this historic total solar eclipse of 2017?

Total Solar Eclipse

2017 Total Solar Eclipse Red Barn Blue Skies