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Posts Tagged ‘poultry’

postheadericon Still Kicking and Clucking

It’s Alive….and clucking.

After a way too long hiatus, I’m back. In a way, a lot has changed and nothing has changed – if that makes sense. It will take me some time and many posts to bring you up to snuff. I appreciate you all still being here.

I am looking forward to getting back into the swing of things and sharing our little world again with you lovely people. I’ve missed you!

Here’s a clue on what I’m still doing….it does have some clucking involved too…

Alive and clucking at Red Barn Blue Skies with the guineas
If you’d like to learn more about Guineas, check out this great book.

postheadericon The Defense Rests

In the case of The Hubby vs.THE CHICKENS, the defense offers this photographic evidence and then the defense rests:


She states:  “My husband is very supportive of my chicken obsession.  He helps me out and encourages me in growing our endeavor.  But, he tells the guys that he is just indulging his crazy wife.  He says that he puts up with the feathered fiends to appease me and doesn’t have anything to do with any of the birds.  I don’t understand why he doesn’t want anyone to know that he buys them treats. He enjoys being out with them almost as much as I do and has his favorites in the flock.”
He replies:  “Uh, no comment.  I need to go feed my chickens.”
The defense rests..

postheadericon Velociraptor Chickens

You know how scientists are now claiming that our avian species are all descended from the dinosaurs?  As in Velociraptor Chickens? Well, I have proof that a few of my chickens can claim that ancestry…

Red Barn Blue Skies Presents Velociraptor Chickens
I’m feeling a bit like prey here…….
Red Barn Blue Skies has Velociraptor Chickens
Can YOU do the Chicky Chicky shake?
Velociraptor Chickens on the Prowl at Red Barn Blue Skies
We’re always watching……
Velociraptor Chickens Kill a Tomato at Red Barn Blue Skies
Please note, only a tomato
was harmed in the making
of this photo..
Velociraptor Chickens at Red Barn Blue Skies Growling
Have a great evening my friends 🙂