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Posts Tagged ‘photos’

postheadericon Dawg Days

The little tyrant tells him off and then attacks
(Cailen and Pippi)
The old man ignores them all


Bottoms up!  Vole hunting..
(Chandler, Cailen & Pippi)


How can you stay mad at this face?


Mama’s big baby boy


Chandy has the toy and is ready for take-off!

postheadericon Spring is Sprung

You know you’ve been a neglectful blogger when the hubby of all people, asks why you haven’t posted anything in several weeks!  I didn’t even realize that he’d been paying any attention to “my little blog” as he calls it 🙂  So I have a couple photos for you today..

Our first flowers of the year

Needless to say, I’ve been spending a lot of time outside this week.  After weeks upon weeks of storms, we’re finally seeing some sunshine.  This has been our wettest winter since 1997 ~ we’ve been having extreme flooding and our ground is completely saturated.  Since we usually live in a state of near panic due to drought conditions and the threat of wells going dry, it really is nice to see an overabundance of water.  It would just be nice if it could rain a few days and then be sunny; then rain a day or two and be sunny…..  We had ten days straight with rain at some point so we’re a little soggy.


Super high grass and weeds

Poor Mr. MoonCat is asking if I won’t reconsider adding a couple of goats to our menagerie for weed control.  We may have to get the mower deck for the tractor for the front and back yard as the grass and weeds have been growing several inches a day.  The ground is super wet so we can’t get the lawn mower in there yet and the lovely sunshine is just making everything GROW!

Our gorgeous Weeping Willow

The photo below is actually a blossom from a weed.  I loved the shading and pattern on the bud.

Weed flower bud


And finally, we already have a rose (or possibly, still have a rose?)
Rose in bloom


More to come…

postheadericon Our Other Selves

My friend Susan pointed out that I needed to post a few pictures of Mr. MoonCat and I in our Renaissance Faire garb.  I’d been writing about all of the new outfits that we would like to make with our LA Loot and she requested some photos.  So here are some from the last few years; I hate having my picture taken, so there aren’t an abundance of me 🙂  Hubby on the other hand is a ham, so I will have even more of him in the near future.

I think these are in order, timewise:
Me, left.  The lovely Aimee, right. (2006)
My first faire in (borrowed) WOOL garb,
105 degrees – miserable.
Dressed as Pirates for a charity event
2nd Pirates of the Caribbean movie premiere (2006)
My man at my feet (2007)
notice his long hair
Our Big Day (2008)
He cut his hair to surprise me!
I loved it 🙂
Our tavern garb (2009)
he helps behind the bar – I shop
Some of his old, old garb in need
of replacement (2010)
So that’s it for now.  I’ll dig up some more photos in the near future.  You can see my hubby in his Nobles (fancy) garb where he portrayed Lord Huntley, George Gordon.  I renamed him Lord Pompousassedness as he played his character a little too well!  I still call him that when he gets a little too regal, royal or flat out obnoxious 🙂 

postheadericon You Are My Sunshine – Sunday Selections

I’m famous in our family for my lack of singing ability. It’s a sad fact that I was absent when talent and tonality were being handed out. Of course, this hasn’t stopped me from belting out a song now and then – much to the delight chagrin of my critters. You Are My Sunshine happens to be a favorite.

You are My Sunshine, My Only Sunshine

You Are My Sunshine with Toot, Celie, and Hammie

Toot, Celie, and Hammie

You make me happy….when skies are gray

Kitties in the Sunshine at Red Barn Blue Skies

Lily, Celie, Porkchop, Toot, Hammie

You’ll never know dear…

Porkchop at Red Barn Blue Skies for You Are My Sunshine

I swear, Porkchop really is a cat – NOT a potbelly pig

How much I Love You


Sheena at Red Barn Blue Skies for You Are My Sunshine

Sheena aka Sha Nay Nay aka Old Lady

Please don’t take… my sunshine away.


You are my Sunshine at Red Barn Blue Skies cats on quilt

Badger, Tory, and Bugsy

For those that may not enjoy the melodic renderings such as mine, here are a few other ways to enjoy the song and the message.

postheadericon Disneyland Photos

A while back I said I’d post some photos from our Disneyland trip.  So I finally pulled them off of my little camera and have a few to share with you.  We spent a week (Sun – Fri) down in Southern California/Anaheim with brother Chris and sister-in-law (you remember my dear friend/sister/co-conspirator, the “Mad Scientist – Cindy”?), their son Rowan and Cindy’s mom Sandy.

We had a blast and it was soooo much fun watching Rowan’s face and seeing him experience Disneyland for the first time.  It was also Sandy’s first trip so it was an extra special treat all the way around.  We all have a timeshare membership and the Anaheim condo is right around the corner from the gates to the park so we spent a lot of time there.  It’s great because they have a full kitchen and washer/dryer so you don’t have to buy the $12 burgers at the park all the time.  We ate pretty good…  Of course, I justify it because we also walked miles and miles..

I am doing a separate post to show you the spoils for our day trip to the seedy side of Los Angeles.  You won’t believe what we found…..But you have to wait until tomorrow 🙂

On Friday, Mr. MoonCat and I headed to Las Vegas for the weekend where we met up with his parents.  Mr. MoonCat got sick so we didn’t do much while we there but that’s OK, we were together!  On to the pictures………….

Double trouble waiting to see Mickey Mouse
(I’m surprised Mickey didn’t hide when he
saw these two coming in)


The Big Mouse and the Little Man


Sandy attempted to steal Mickey’s wheels


Us on the pier at California Adventure
Loved the Christmas setting
Sandy and Cindy


All he needs is one of those police # clipboards…
Please turn to the left, now to the right


Stylin’ in yellow 3D glasses (yuck)
Note the hair, this is BRC – before roller coaster


In the front seat of the roller coaster…after
Notice my hair is now flattened out? pretty


Mr. MoonCat and his folks in Vegas
Come back tomorrow to see what FILLED the trunk of our rental car on the trip home..