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postheadericon My Husband is a Dung Beetle

*This post about my husband being a self-proclaimed dung beetle was first published in April 2010. Because it is just as relevant today as it was then, I’ve decided to share it with all of you again. For those of you newer to Red Barn Blue Skies, don’t be alarmed – we’re relatively normal. Enjoy!*

I am married to a dung beetle.

My Husband is a Dung Beetle at Red Barn Blue Skies

First off, let me state for the record that I did not call my beloved hubby this. At breakfast this morning, he announced to Mom and I, “I am the dung beetle of the family.”

While this is not a normal conversation in the majority of homes, it is really not a super surprising one for this group. We obviously aren’t the Cleavers anyway, so let me try to explain this bold statement.

The Dung Beetle

Hubby and I were camping last summer when we came across a funny sight while hiking. I had to stop when I saw something rather strange: it looked like a little turd cruising along the path in front of me.

Upon further investigation, we found that it was a dung beetle with a rolled up ball of poop. He was rolling it uphill and in a very straight path – over pebbles, twigs, whatever. He was a persistent little guy as the ball was about three times his size and it was very unwieldy.

We must have spent about fifteen minutes just watching as this amazing little creature kept to his task. He was the epitome of the saying that “the impossible is possible if you keep at it”. The manure ball would slip and roll back a few inches and he’d just start again on his uphill trek.

Fast Forward to Today

Now, the reason this morning’s breakfast table conversation turned to dung beetles is because we were talking about how ants can carry many times their own weight. We told mom about seeing the little dung beetle at work and Mr. MoonCat Red Barn mentioned that he had done some reading on these fascinating little bugs after our trip.

Hubby’s ENTIRE basis for saying that HE is the dung beetle of OUR family is the fact that the males are the ones who do all the work in dung beetle couples. They usually roll up the ball of poop and move it to wherever the female designates while she directs or even HITCHES A RIDE while he’s working!

If this hadn’t hit me as so funny and of course, inappropriate, I might have decided to be offended. But I chose to laugh my butt off at him. (It’s especially significant today as I “requested” that he move around a bunch of furniture yesterday.)

I did some reading myself on dung beetles and was really amazed to learn how beneficial they are to agriculture.  They can be found on every continent except for Antartica! I had already known (from my dad) not to kill any that we found out in the manure pile at the ranch but really didn’t know why.

I’ve since learned that they help keep down the fly population and thus the spread of disease in livestock. They make the manure inhospitable to the fly larvae and maggots. They are a very beneficial part of managing, rejuvenating, and sustaining pastureland. Learn more about them here. You can even find out how to start your own dung beetle farm!

I hope you enjoyed yet another insight into the not so ordinary happenings (and conversations) here at MoonCat Farms/Red Barn Blue Skies.

And just for the record, I did NOT hitch a ride on his back while he was moving furniture – I directed. 

Dung Beetle Toy


And here is one of the reasons I decided to bring this post back – LOOK WHAT I FOUND!

Hello Father’s Day present Mr MoonCat/RedBarn/DungBeetle!

And one for the loving wife (ME):

So ladies, do you have your own dung beetle guy in the family?

postheadericon Pippi’s Opinion

Pippi, aka Peepers, Rodent, Rat Dog, *&#@(&^, etc. recently shared her opinion of Mr. MoonCat while occupying the couch with him.  I told him that it is unclear if she was commenting on his breath or his attempt at whistling.  Could be a combination of both…


What ARE you doing Daddy?


Ewwww, what IS that?


Make it STOP!!!


Just a note, Mr. MoonCat CAN NOT whistle.  It is a major cause for amusement around here as Pippi is demonstrating above.  I have to call/whistle for the dogs (or he has to yell for them) because when he tries to whistle, the dogs all just look at him with their heads cocked to the side as if asking “Why is the air escaping from Daddy’s face while he turns blue?  Why doesn’t he just have Mom whistle for us?”

postheadericon Our Other Selves

My friend Susan pointed out that I needed to post a few pictures of Mr. MoonCat and I in our Renaissance Faire garb.  I’d been writing about all of the new outfits that we would like to make with our LA Loot and she requested some photos.  So here are some from the last few years; I hate having my picture taken, so there aren’t an abundance of me 🙂  Hubby on the other hand is a ham, so I will have even more of him in the near future.

I think these are in order, timewise:
Me, left.  The lovely Aimee, right. (2006)
My first faire in (borrowed) WOOL garb,
105 degrees – miserable.
Dressed as Pirates for a charity event
2nd Pirates of the Caribbean movie premiere (2006)
My man at my feet (2007)
notice his long hair
Our Big Day (2008)
He cut his hair to surprise me!
I loved it 🙂
Our tavern garb (2009)
he helps behind the bar – I shop
Some of his old, old garb in need
of replacement (2010)
So that’s it for now.  I’ll dig up some more photos in the near future.  You can see my hubby in his Nobles (fancy) garb where he portrayed Lord Huntley, George Gordon.  I renamed him Lord Pompousassedness as he played his character a little too well!  I still call him that when he gets a little too regal, royal or flat out obnoxious 🙂 

postheadericon Our Newest Residents

I did manage to get a few photos off my flash card.  These are the two newest members of the family:


This is the pipsqueak, aka Pippi.  I have to admit right up front that I have always been a big dog fan.  Noisy ankle-biters have never been my thing.  Until now I guess.  Little Miss Thing showed up at our place a few days before Mom passed away.  Someone had apparently dumped her off out in the country and she found her way to us.  I didn’t want another dog and tried really hard to not become attached to her while we found a home for her.  Since this is a smart little cookie, she sidled up to Mom and took to sitting in her lap.  Mom declared “This puppy is already home.”  End of story.  Pippi is now the resident princess/tyrant here at MoonCat Farms. She terrorizes the poor cats and occasionally gets walloped by one or two of them.

Small, Medium, and Large

On a sucky and sad note, we lost Mom’s old dog Xena last week.  We figured she was at least 14 years old and hadn’t been well for a while.  Personally I think she’d been holding out for Mom.  We sure miss them both terribly.  (This is the only photo I could find of Xena around here.  She used to hide when she saw the camera ~ I’m thinking she was of that belief that a camera could steal your soul.)

RIP Xena Warrior Princess

As promised, here is another photo of the hubby’s new horse, Swifty.  Both he and the hubby were not pleased with having to stand for a picture.  They had just come back from a trail ride and were anxious for some refreshment.  Swifty craved some crunchy grains and Mr. MoonCat was craving some liquefied grains (beer).  They are quite the pair already.

Swifty & Mr. MoonCat

postheadericon I Married the Chicken Whisperer

Sorry I’ve been off the grid for a bit.  I’ve been reading and reviewing up a storm over at One Book Shy as well as doing a lot of varied stuff around here.  Some of that includes watching the hubby’s baby chooks grow up FAST!  (Notice they are now HIS – it’s a love affair.)  The girls are doubling and tripling in size every week it seems.  Except for Midge, I think she is either a Banty/Bantam or just a runt.  Either way she is a tiny terror.  She beats up and bullies the bigger girls.  They all seem to tolerate the little tyrant.  She also has a thing for pecking at my toenails….

Midge (r) next to the “normal” sized girls
Now that the chickens have full use and access to the entire chicken run, it was getting a bit interesting trying to get them all into the coop at night.  It was a 2 person job until the middle of last week.  Something finally clicked and they all figured out that nighttime = bedtime!  We ~ usually HE ~ just have to go out now and close the little trap door & they’re all snug in the coop until morning.  Yay!
These are some of the photos Mr. MoonCat, aka “The Chicken Whisperer” took for us yesterday evening.  Can you believe how much they’ve grown in a week? BTW, the hubby has HUGE hands so for reference, it takes me two hands to hold the hens that are posing for his photos..
Messy eaters
Henrietta Hen
Stella the “Chicken Whisperer’s” favorite girl
Do I sound jealous?
ALWAYS eating..
Nap time