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postheadericon Landmines and Hairballs Oh My! The Benefits of Proper Nutrition from Pet Food

I’m sitting here tonight going over our monthly and annual budgets. We’ve been doing pretty good at saving some money wherever we can in our goal to move to another state next year. I’ve worked at slashing our spending and am surprised at the savings I’ve found in one important area – pet food.


By pets, I’m not including the poultry, horses or cattle. Strictly dogs and cats – 3 pooches and 7 purrers. Even though we are now feeding a higher priced feed to both cats and dogs, we have actually been saving quite a bit of money. It all comes down to a better quality feed and the animals eating/needing less to be healthier and more satisfied. Adolph and pet food


Even though I am fairly well versed in animal nutrition, I used to be bad about watching sales and using coupons for my cat and dog food. Whatever seemed to be decent pet food for a decent price AND had coupons available prompted me to try to save a buck. Unfortunately, my critters paid for it with poor coats and up/down weight issues. So I went to the other extreme and bought really pricey, overly hyped feeds. I think probably more to assuage my guilt than anything else. This also didn’t really benefit my animals or my pocketbook.


Flash forward to last winter when I went to work part-time for our new Tractor Supply. I chatted with a few of the nutritionists and feed reps to see what they were feeding their own animals. I found it very interesting that most of them were using the TSC brand “4 Health” pet food. It’s priced pretty much in the middle of the scale and the ingredients seem to be exceptionally good. So I gradually switched my crews over to the age or issue-appropriate formulas and I am thrilled!


4Health Mature Dog Food at Red Barn Blue Skies Pet Food

Both cats and dogs have all done very well with these feeds. Their coats are thick and glossy, they all maintain healthy weights, fewer hairballs for the cats and a large bonus overall – less poop. That may seem funny or trivial to some, but when you have a 125 pound hound, you want much smaller landmines and way fewer of them. Since there are so many less fillers and more of the good nutrients, the animals utilize the feed better and need less to be happily full.


So I’m curious what kind of pet food do you feed your furballs? Anyone else use 4 Health?

postheadericon Dawg Days

The little tyrant tells him off and then attacks
(Cailen and Pippi)
The old man ignores them all


Bottoms up!  Vole hunting..
(Chandler, Cailen & Pippi)


How can you stay mad at this face?


Mama’s big baby boy


Chandy has the toy and is ready for take-off!

postheadericon What I See Wednesday

Damage from the last big storm
Promise of sweetness to come
Chandler’s Serious Pose
Calien:  “Play?Play?Play?”
Valley Oak Scented Geranium
Yes, Mr. MoonCat is really a twelve year old!

postheadericon What I See Wednesday

Mr. MoonCat’s new Honeysuckle & my old Lavender
Our new “resident” Hawk
4 year old Cyclamen

Xena – Warrior Princess
Mom’s Geranium

postheadericon Proof is in the Potholes

This post is solely for my husband’s benefit.  Mr. MoonCat is very firm and outspoken in his opinion (wrong that it may be and IS) that HIS dog Cailen can do no wrong.  He seems to think that MY dog Chandler is always at fault whenever there is anything wrong or amiss. 

We have a gopher problem here at MoonCat Farms.  The gophers here seem to be relatives of the one above from “Caddyshack” with the awesome Bill Murray.  Envision the little gopher dancing and singing “I’m Alright” and you will have a picture of what these poor dogs are seeing on a daily basis. Boredom is a bad thing for working cattle dogs that aren’t actively working right now.  Do you see where this may be going? 

So, for your viewing enjoyment and my “HA – I have proof” amusement, I give you “The Boys”:

“Cailen and Chandler – On the Hunt”
“Cailen – BUSTED”
“Chandler – Not smart enough to get rid of the evidence!”
All to no avail as I’m afraid this will be Mr. MoonCat by the end of the summer:
Bill Murray vs The Gopher
BTW, it is the 30th anniversary of the release of Caddyshack.  If you have never seen this movie, you are really missing out on a classic.  I don’t think they intended the gopher and Bill Murray to completely steal the show, but they did.  Caddyshack

postheadericon Moving, Moving Never Stopping

I’m starting to think that I will never be done with this move. We are packing and unpacking on an almost daily basis. Above is my kitchen/dining room table as it has looked for the past month.
Below shows some of the most important pieces of “FURniture” that we moved into the house immediately. For our sanity and theirs…
They both have a bed in the bedroom as well, but none of this keeps them from sneaking up onto the sofa when we’re not paying total attention. Spoiled little beasties.. gotta love ’em, lots.
Hopefully I will soon have less whining about moving to share with/dump on you. Thanks for putting up with it!

postheadericon Guest Post – The Hubby Report

Today’s post will be authored by The Hubby. He has graciously been coerced into writing some guest posts for the blog in October during Blogtoberfest. Maybe I can get him to consider extending his contribution and keep giving our dear readers a fresh perspective. (I have included the above photo because it is very relevant to today’s entry and gives you another look into our life with the critters.) Without further introduction, The Hubby speaks/writes…
Life In This Crazy House
6:30am, the “children” start to stir. By 6:45, the sound of the cats’ thundering paws resonate on the hardwood floors as they race up and down the hallway. Time for me to get up and start my day in this crazy place we now call home.
I step just one foot out into the hallway and am instantly greeted by many fuzzy little faces. It kind of reminds me of that “Got Milk” commercial where the elderly lady runs out of milk and it shows the paw reaching up to flip off the lights. Kitty??? See the commercial here
Moving around at this time of day takes a lot of skill and acrobatics. With the small furfaces in front and the two dogs behind me, the trek to the front door begins. You see, if you don’t put the dogs out before feeding the cats, Chandler will sneak in and inhale the cat food.
The fun is still not over. Once the boys are safely outside looking for gophers and toads to protect us from, the long journey to the kitchen begins. Like a cargo ship cuts through the watery wakes, so must I make my way through a sea of fur.
With the cats fed, I can finally have my cup of coffee and relax. But wait, one of the dogs has actually caught a gopher and is now head deep in a hole. Maybe I’ll get my coffee with lunch???


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