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Archive for the ‘Family’ Category

postheadericon Happy Father’s Day!

I’d like to wish a Happy Father’s Day to all the men who take care of their loved ones.

Happy Father’s Day

to all of the Dads out there including
my own dear Daddy!
Happy Father's Day at Red Barn Blue Skies
Pops and Pete

postheadericon Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all,
whether your kids have skin, fur or feathers.
Happy Mother's Day I miss you Mama Red Barn Blue Skies
I miss you Mama

postheadericon Cowboy Up!

We had a fun time out at the ranch today.  After having a lively breakfast, horseback riding was the scheduled event.  The star of course was Rowan!

Our favorite little nephew dude dragged his parents and his Grandma up to visit Aunty Julie, Uncle Mike and Papa Bill.  He was sporting his brand new cowboy boots and told them he just had to go on the long drive to see us.  We weren’t fooled though, he really came to see the horses, the chickens and Adolph the dog!  We’re all aware of our place in line 🙂  I think the tractor we call “Greenie” has also moved ahead of us..

Rowan was all dressed up for the occasion
-Uncle Mike, not so much


Rowan on Hailey, Uncle Mike on Ace


“Tickle, tickle Hailey!”


Rowan showing Papa Bill how to drive “Greenie”


He’s a natural farmer!

It was a fun way to spend a sunny morning with loved ones who don’t live close enough to see as much as we’d like.  We’re already looking forward to Ro’s next foray into cowboying.  Look out Hailey!

postheadericon The Hubby Report – Guest Post

Today’s guest post is the hubby report – aka Mr. MoonCat/RedBarn. He wants to share his love of our furry creatures with you all.

The Hubby Report by Mr. Red Barn Blue Skies

The Hubby Report

Today’s post will be authored by The Hubby. He has graciously been coerced into writing some guest posts for the blog in October during Blogtoberfest. Maybe I can get him to consider extending his contribution and keep giving our dear readers a fresh perspective. Without further introduction, The Hubby speaks/writes…

Life In This Crazy House

6:30am, the “children” start to stir.

By 6:45, the sound of the cats’ thundering paws resonate on the hardwood floors as they race up and down the hallway. Time for me to get up and start my day in this crazy place we now call home.


I step just one foot out into the hallway and am instantly greeted by many fuzzy little faces. It kind of reminds me of that “Got Milk” commercial where the elderly lady runs out of milk and it shows the paw reaching up to flip off the lights. Kitty??? See the commercial here


Moving around at this time of day takes a lot of skill and acrobatics. With the small furfaces in front and the two dogs behind me, the trek to the front door begins. You see, if you don’t put the dogs out before feeding the cats, Chandler will sneak in and inhale the cat food.


The fun is still not over. Once the boys are safely outside looking for gophers and toads to protect us from, the long journey to the kitchen begins. Like a cargo ship cuts through the watery wakes, so must I make my way through a sea of fur.


With the cats fed, I can finally have my cup of coffee and relax. But wait! One of the dogs has actually caught a gopher and is now head deep in a hole. Maybe I’ll get my coffee with lunch???


The Hubby Report and Cats at Red Barn Blue Skies

postheadericon Team Penning in Templeton

Bill Dees & Cinderfella “Before the Buzzer”


I’m spending my Saturday with my husband, my Dad, my horse, and a whole bunch of these little boogers! We are gone team penning in Templeton.


We’re going to a cattle (or team) penning competition. I’ve been competing in these events since I was about 12 yrs old – when they first started them up here in Central Cali. I haven’t gone in AGES, so when Dad asked if Michael & I would like to go with him for the day I jumped at it.


Should be lots of fun, except for the getting up at 4am part – that sorta sucks. And the fact that I will end up being the driver for the entire trip up and back. That’s what Dad always tells me “he” had me for – to be his chauffeur. I learned to drive the truck on the ranch at about 9 yrs old and began pulling the big gooseneck stock/horse trailers at about 12. I’m an old pro, but the hubby is still pretty new to the whole ranch life.


Dad and I are in the process of teaching Michael how to pull horse trailers, but I’m a control freak and nervous about letting a “newbie” pull my horses especially since we’ll be in hill country with gusty winds. Dad’s a little braver than I am on that front, although I DO try not to hurt Michael’s manly feelings too often by making him let me drive.

Team penning is a timed event that consists of a team of 3 riders, 30 cattle numbered 0-9, and a pen. Your goal is to put your 3 cattle into a pen at the opposite end of the arena in the fastest time. Sounds easy enough right?


You have to take into account that cattle can be wild beasties and create a lot of havoc in a short amount of time. You have to keep all of the “unwanted” or “not your number” cattle at their end of the arena, opposite the end where the pen is. If one of these strays crosses the scoring line, you’re disqualified. When you’re running full steam around an arena trying to sort out the correct animals while not running into one of your team members, it can get pretty exciting and hairy.


But, it’s lots of fun to participate in and also to watch. There is a lot of whooping and hollering as well as laughing. Most of the horses love it, especially ones like ours that are bred to be cow horses. Some, like Michael’s horse Whiskey, are afraid of or ambivalent towards the cattle and might run the other direction. It happens, but Michael loves Whiskey & Whiskey loves Michael, so that’s all that matters!


These photos are all of Dad and Cinderfella aka Fella or Yella Fella (yes, I have numerous names for the big critters too.) I will post some photos of my & Michael’s horses as well as our beautiful Paint stallion – Sunday Sailor at a later date. I’ve got to get to bed EARLY tonight – it’s a long drive in the am!