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Archive for the ‘Environment’ Category

postheadericon Growing Greenery Update

We’re seeing a lot of green around here. Lots of growing greenery – and reds, oranges, pinks etc. I’m really happy that so many of our plants and flowers are coming back in full force. I was worried that I’d lost a lot in the move and with the neglect I showered upon them while Mom was in the hospital. But they must be made of sturdy stuff.

Growing Greenery Peas at Red Barn Blue Skies

One of the reasons for my latest neglect of this blog is our Herculean task of finding homes for the majority of the babies from THIS post about the rescued plants. It has been a trial attempting to identify some of them and we’re definitely not done.

We found out that the nursery guy was notorious for potting and replanting plants in whatever pot or tray he could find and didn’t care how things were labelled. (Do ya think this could have been a clue as to why he went out of business??)

Our Wedding Mums at Red Barn Blue Skies Growing Greenery

Anyway, so far we have planted about 25 butterfly bushes here along with an unknown number of jasmine – Mr. MoonCat’s favorite. I was thrilled to find that in addition to a gorgeous rosemary plant we’d managed to salvage several bay leaf tree babies. I love using bay leaf in some of my recipes. We also have some agapanthus, canna lilies, African irises, boxwoods, spirea, and mimosa trees. Still working on identifying them all.

Nasturtiums at Red Barn Blue Skies Growing Greenery

Everyone in our life is benefiting from this little escapade. I sent about a dozen of the trees that we think are maples out to the ranch. It was amazing how all of these poor neglected babies just took off with a bit of water and some TLC. Our friends are getting used to finding plants in their vehicles when they leave from a visit here.  Good homes must be found by all!


As the rescues continue to get healthier and start to thrive, I’ll show you some updated pictures.  But for now, here are some of my other little pretties that are enjoying the sunshine.


Growing Greenery

Potato Box at Red Barn Blue Skies Growing Greenery

Red Barn Blue Skies Growing Greenery Volunteers

Beans at Red Barn Blue Skies for Growing Greenery


Tomato Plants at Red Barn Blue Skies for Growing Greenery

postheadericon Rescued Plants Breathe a Sigh of Relief

The plight of rescued plants is what it’s all about today. Lots and lots of happy, rescued plants. Be warned – this is a photo-intensive post. Lots of greenery!

Rescued Plants at Red Barn Blue Skies 1

We have had one busy week leading into the weekend at MoonCat Farms. A large, local nursery went out of business a bit ago. Apparently they were still seeding and planting while the court battle was being played out and when the water was shut off, the plants were just left to die.

Rescued Plants 1 at Red Barn Blue Skies

A friend of ours contacted us and let us know that we were welcome to come in and see if we could use any of the plants or supplies that were abandoned on the 30+ acre nursery.

Rescued Plants 3 at Red Barn Blue Skies

The photos are just some of what we’ve managed to salvage. There are thousands more dead and dying plants just left out there in the hot sun. I was almost in tears at the horrible waste.

There are so many charities that could have benefited and so many senior centers and other public facilities that could have made use of the greenery. Not to mention that I have a thing for plants and it just hurt to see all the plants gasping for water.

Rescued Plants 4 at Red Barn Blue Skies
 Rescued Plants at Red Barn Blue Skies 5

But, that’s a done deal and we have a lot of watering, re-potting and sorting to do. Identification is one of the largest tasks as NOTHING was labeled. I recognize many of them, but there are some mystery plants that I will probably be asking for help from all of you with.

Rescued Plants 2 at Red Barn Blue Skies

Some may laugh at me, but after spending over two hours that first night soaking each and every pathetic little plant and tree, I really do swear that they heaved a collective sigh of relief and thanks when I was finished. I just sat outside on the bench amongst them all for a bit keeping them company while it got dark.

I’m a sap, what can I say..

Driveway Lined with Rescued Plants at Red Barn Blue Skies

Check out my Growing Greenery Update post.

postheadericon No Barriers – Sunday Selections

This lovely quote from Maya Angelou is a beautiful reminder that love has no barriers.

Sunday Selections is about things like this that inspire me or that catch my attention.


No Barriers by Maya Angelou for Sunday Selections at Red Barn Blue Skies

No Barriers

“Love recognizes no barriers.
It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, and penetrates walls to arrive at a destination full of hope.”

postheadericon My Earth Day 2009 Pledge

I want to share my Earth Day 2009 pledge with all of you. It’s important to put it out there and hold one’s self accountable.

On this Earth Day, let’s think about how we can make a difference in our environment. I am talking about our own “personal” environments. Many people immediately visualize the great outdoors and wilderness when the word “environment” is used. Here are a few of the relevant definitions from Wikipedia’s dictionary: (#1 is what I am referring to here)

    1. The surroundings of & influences on a particular item of interest (or particular person?)
    2. The natural world or ecosystem
    3. A particular political or social setting, arena or condition


I feel that each person or family can make a huge difference just by taking small steps. There is a wealth of information out there to help us make our “personal environment” a much better place to be in. Imagine if all of us start improving our individual spaces, it can & will domino into improving the health and well-being of the #2 definition above: The natural world & ecosystem!


My Earth Day 2009 Pledge

I found a great site from the EPA, Environmental Protection Agency that has a list of items that you can pledge to do in your own life that can have a big impact. My pledge is listed below:

To help protect the environment, I pledge to:

    • Use less water! Take showers instead of baths, fix leaks, and turn off the tap when brushing your teeth. And buy efficient fixtures by looking for the WaterSense label.



    • Reduce, reuse, recycle! Try to find products with less packaging, take reusable bags on shopping trips, creatively reuse other products, and recycle what’s left. The new shopping totes that fit into the cart are a great way to cut down on bags while making your trip easier.


    • Use chemicals safely! Read pesticide labels carefully. Lock up pesticides, paints, and cleaners where kids can’t reach them.


  • Spread the word! Teach others where you work or go to school. Share online by commenting on our blog, or sharing your photos and videos. Encourage people to Pick 5 for the Environment!

Pledged Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009.
Make your own pledge by visiting

I encourage everyone to do what they can on this Earth Day to make our “environments” better places to grow & thrive in!

My Earth Day 2009 Pledge at Red Barn Blue Skies