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Welcome to Red Barn Blue Skies, where a wide range of interests grew from a childhood of unlimited possibilities. Come on in and learn about ME….


I’m Julie, but most call me Jules.

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While I don’t really care for labels, I answer to quite a few of them:

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Even this lengthy list doesn’t cover everything about me – who I am and all that I do. If you stick around, you’ll most likely read about many or all of these subjects at some point. I’m a sharer..


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TMI lady, TMI!


Life has been good to me. I was blessed with a loving family, lifelong best friends and a great childhood. My parents raised me in an atmosphere that encouraged me to be anything I wanted to be, do what interested me and to be open to try new things. I have always known that I had their love and support, no matter what harebrained scheme I came up with or scrape I landed in. And there have been a few…






Our home was actually a working cattle ranch. Most of my time was spent in the great outdoors under the big blue sky, usually horseback. When not gathering, shipping or doctoring cattle, we spent our days playing in the barn, having picnics, pretending to be mounted knights – yes, we girls make fantastic horseback heroes – long before Xena: Warrior Princess came about; building reading forts in the haystack and using our imaginations to while away the time. Even though we worked as hard as we played, I wouldn’t have changed a thing, except that I would have preferred to not grow up so soon or at all.


So now that I’m a reluctant adult, I am still living a charmed life. I am happily married to the man who makes me smile every day. He doesn’t complain when he has to move my ever-growing hoard of books or chase a stray turkey. He’s the love of my life and my rock.


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We currently live with my Dad on a much smaller version of my childhood wonderground. Cattle, horses, chickens, turkeys, cats and dogs fill our lives with daily amusement, love and lots of chores!


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I’ve tried my hand at many things. Some more “professional” than others, including being a 911 Dispatcher, airline flight crew scheduler, bookkeeper, feed store expert, reserve deputy sheriff, farm bureau newspaper editor/writer, ranch assistant, Hickory Farms night manager and who knows what all else. I have mad skills, very eclectic, mostly useless mad skills.. Did I mention that I learned to fly a plane and serve a mean plate of summer sausage and cheese?


Writing has always been a passion and a priority. In fact, I’ve finally realized my childhood dream and am making my living as a freelance writer – check out my writer’s website at The Cowgirl Writes. I have boxes of notebooks filled with stories, ideas and scenes dating back to grammar school.


I love to write about and share the things that shape my thoughts and color my world. Being able to connect and share almost immediately with readers online has been a welcome bonus to blogging. I enjoy reading about others’ adventures and thoughts and follow many other bloggers and writers with similar as well as completely different outlooks.


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Red Barn Blue Skies is a place to share a love of the great outdoors, a country lifestyle and the joy of just being. I hope you’ll pull up your chair and stay awhile.


Almost forgot, I was also a “leaf polisher” at a garden center for a brief time. Told you I’m overly skilled….


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I can be contacted in many various ways and would love to hear from you.








Or feel free to get ahold of me using this handy dandy contact form: