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Archive for April, 2010

postheadericon The Laptop Finally Bit the Dust…

Well, the rescued plants are mostly thriving – on the other hand, my laptop IS NOT.  It went kerplewey today after about the 20th dreaded “blue screen” notice.  I had pretty much copied most of my files onto DVD about two weeks ago, but that’s still two weeks of work that I didn’t have backed up as we thought the problem was fixed.

So I will be taking it to the repairman tomorrow with high hopes that he can retrieve at least some of the last few weeks of articles, photos, and stuff.  I’ll probably be off the grid for a couple of days so bear with me!  (It’s not like I can’t keep busy repotting and trying to ID greenery!)

Enjoy your week my friends.

postheadericon Rescued Plants Breathe a Sigh of Relief

The plight of rescued plants is what it’s all about today. Lots and lots of happy, rescued plants. Be warned – this is a photo-intensive post. Lots of greenery!

Rescued Plants at Red Barn Blue Skies 1

We have had one busy week leading into the weekend at MoonCat Farms. A large, local nursery went out of business a bit ago. Apparently they were still seeding and planting while the court battle was being played out and when the water was shut off, the plants were just left to die.

Rescued Plants 1 at Red Barn Blue Skies

A friend of ours contacted us and let us know that we were welcome to come in and see if we could use any of the plants or supplies that were abandoned on the 30+ acre nursery.

Rescued Plants 3 at Red Barn Blue Skies

The photos are just some of what we’ve managed to salvage. There are thousands more dead and dying plants just left out there in the hot sun. I was almost in tears at the horrible waste.

There are so many charities that could have benefited and so many senior centers and other public facilities that could have made use of the greenery. Not to mention that I have a thing for plants and it just hurt to see all the plants gasping for water.

Rescued Plants 4 at Red Barn Blue Skies
 Rescued Plants at Red Barn Blue Skies 5

But, that’s a done deal and we have a lot of watering, re-potting and sorting to do. Identification is one of the largest tasks as NOTHING was labeled. I recognize many of them, but there are some mystery plants that I will probably be asking for help from all of you with.

Rescued Plants 2 at Red Barn Blue Skies

Some may laugh at me, but after spending over two hours that first night soaking each and every pathetic little plant and tree, I really do swear that they heaved a collective sigh of relief and thanks when I was finished. I just sat outside on the bench amongst them all for a bit keeping them company while it got dark.

I’m a sap, what can I say..

Driveway Lined with Rescued Plants at Red Barn Blue Skies

Check out my Growing Greenery Update post.

postheadericon Imaginary Gardens – Sunday Selections

Imaginary Gardens by Marianne Moore is our choice of Sunday Selections this week.
Imaginary Gardens at Red Barn Blue Skies for Sunday Selections
Poetry is the art of creating imaginary gardens with real toads.

– Marianne Moore

postheadericon Hayseed is a Winner and So Is…

And they’re off……….crossing the finish line by the tip of her sneakers is:   SewCalGal!

Congratulations!!!!!!  I’ll send your info to the publisher.  Thank you all for entering the drawing and be on the lookout for more giveaways soon.

In the meantime, be sure to go here for  Hayseed’s First Race.  Hayseed makes his grand debut in the world today!  I’m told they are already working on his next escapade so don’t miss out.  Learn more at:

postheadericon What I See Wednesday

Damage from the last big storm
Promise of sweetness to come
Chandler’s Serious Pose
Calien:  “Play?Play?Play?”
Valley Oak Scented Geranium
Yes, Mr. MoonCat is really a twelve year old!